The climate now disrupts more then often the planning of a project.

Work conditions are much better to plan with the latest generation inflatable contruction tents.

After years of being successfully deployed at the army, in every possible condition, the inflatable tube tent is now ready to be used in the construction world. The extreme conditions these tents are being used in ask for high performance for anchoring and resistance again high and changing wind conditions. Safety for the user and the environment is of the utmost importance.

The basic principle of the patented construction tent is the build-in elasticity (think of a bamboo hut in a tropical storm) so that high taxation and burden can be transferred in small movement en forces that can guided to the foundation.

Pre-shaped tubes of high quality technical textile can be inflated to a safe pressure of less than 0,5 bar and create the baring en shape of the tent. Free over span from 4 to 16m are thus possible.

Technical information contruction tent

Pre-shaped tubes are inflated on the construction site with a light airpump to less than 0,5 bar. Theover span that's being created has the shape of a half flat circle. The size of the tent can be extended with several meters depending on the length of the tubes. Between tubes are special lightweight aluminum connectors. The cover up the tent a super strong leightweight cover is being used. Three tubes with the length of 6 m form one section. Sections will be connected together to create the length needed to cover up the construction site.

The foundation can be build in several ways, for example: barrier, guardrail or drill in the ground. Metal casing where the foot of every tube is connected to and where the airconnection to inflate every tube is being connected, is being attached to the foundation duct.

By using multiple airpumps over the length of the tent creates a failsafe system that allows for constant automatic air pressure on the tubes. Both ends of the tent can be closed with a canvas that can operate as a hand operated or electric shutter door.

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